Birds n’ Beasts


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Set your imagination free and build interesting birds and beast using the easy-to construct Poly M.

 Nurture both your child’s construction skills and imagination by challenging them to build a specific shape or figure, whether it be a funny bird, a strange beast or anything else you can imagine.

 PolyM® building bricks are unique, round-edged and flexible constructions system. It’s children and educators favorite.

 Recommended age: 18m+

 🌟Endless play value.

 🌟PolyM blocks help develop creativity, strengthen children’s problem solving capabilities and improve social skills.

 Components list: 13 pcs bricks, +1 pc eye, sticker, +1 build instructions, + leaflet

All PolyM sets are compatible with each other.

Package: 4.3” x 6.8” x 2”

Manufactured in: Germany

Made of: Premium Polyethylene (LP-PE/HD-PE). The safe and 100% recyclable plastic contains neither phthalates nor toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons and does not give off any harmful substances. Eco-friendly way of manufacturing.