Castle Escape


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Escape from the castle's rotary tower with this exciting Quadrilla set featuring two transparent stairways. As the marbles make their way down the rail they sound three hanging bells.

Recommended age: 4y+

🌟 Helps to develop spatial thinking and an understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) principles.

How to play: Start by building one of the layouts pictured on the box. Watch your marbles navigate the spiral twist, blocks and transparent stairways and ring the bells as they race down to the catcher. Now use your imagination to build your own fantastic marble runs!



  • Marble-run construction toy made with durable wood and non-toxic, water-based paints
  • Transparent stairways and bells add new sights and sounds to the Quadrilla experience
  • Catcher makes it easy to collect marbles at end of run
  • Endless possibilities for reconfiguring the layout. See enclosed guidebook
  • German-engineered design inspired by Da Vinci Circle
  • Praised by the Wall Street Journal as the perfect toy for teaching children how to code
  • Compatible with all Hape Quadrilla sets

Product size: L: 21.3, W: 4.3, H: 18.1 inch

Package size: L: 20.7, W: 3.1, H: 14.2 inch

Pieces: Includes 15 distributor blocks, one rotary tower, 4 small curve rails, one large curve rail, one spiral twist, 6 height adjusters, 4 stabilizer rings, 8 accelerators, 2 hole shutters, 2 transparent stairways, 3 bells, 3 universal clamps, 50 marbles and one catcher

Manufactured in: Germany