Chunky Number Puzzle


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One, two, three! Counting is great fun! But can you count all the way up to 20? This colorful puzzle provides children with their first introduction to numbers and includes mathematical symbols for more advanced learners.

Recommended age: 3y+

🌟 Encourages numbers, recognition and values

How to play:

  1. Empty the puzzle pieces out and then place them back in the puzzle in their correct order. Great for number learning and motor skills!
  2. Take the puzzle pieces and stand them on their ends on a hard surface for independent play.
  3. Older children can use the mathematical symbols to create simple equations, such as 1+2=3.

Product size: L: 11.2, W: 0.7, H: 10.8 inch

Package size: L: 11.5, W: 0.9, H: 11.8 inch

Pieces: 24-piece puzzle set. Includes numbers 1-20 and three math symbols

Manufactured in: Germany

Made of: high-quality, durable wood