Double- Sided Drum


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Create wild rhythms with this versatile drum! Use the stick on the top surface and the side ridges. Then flip over to play the wooden tone drum.

Recommended age: 12m+

🌟 Great for teaching children about rhythm

🌟 Helps develop hand-eye coordination and hearing

How to play: Explore the different playing surfaces: the top side, ridged rim, and the tone drum on the bottom.


  • Rub the raised ridges on the rim to create two interesting percussive effects.
  • When the dots on the bottom wooden surface are struck they create two distinct tones.
  • A built in holder keeps the drumstick from getting lost
  • Safe for young ears: designed to restrict sound output
  • Children will love the bright colors and patterns

Package: L: 7.1, W: 7.1, H: 4.7 inch

Pieces: Includes 1 Drum, 1 EVA Stick 

Manufactured in: Germany