Eco-Dough 6 pack


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All natural ingredients make our Eco-Dough by Eco-Kids a brilliant alternative to traditional play dough. We love the idea of using natural vegetable, fruit, and plant extracts instead of dyes!

It’s Handmade! This set is 100% natural play dough. Essential oils such as rosemary oil and vitamin E oil keep the dough pliable and soft and provide a delightful light aroma.

Recommended for ages: 3y +

🌟Wonderful for stimulating sensory play!

  • While ingredients are safe and non-toxic, eco-dough is not intended as a food product.
  • Scented with rosemary essential oil

Pieces: Includes six 4-oz. containers of the following colors: orange, yellow, green, red, white and blue

Packaged in a recycled cardboard box

Manufactured: Handmade in the USA by Eco-Kids®