My Coffee Machine


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Sitting back to relax with a cup of coffee is not just for adults, and with all you need to make a great cup of coffee, including, cup, milk, sugar, coffee pod and spoon, children will love the adjustable My Coffee Machine.

Recommended age: 24m+

🌟 Encourages role play and imagination

🌟Great for creative play

How to play: Prepare coffee to your friend’s or guest’s taste by adding milk and sugar!


  • This adorable coffee cup, made from food-grade ABS materials, is perfect for long and lazy afternoon coffee breaks.
  • Inspired by modern kitchen aesthetics and made from high-quality wood.  Realistic details and features will inspire play & fire children’s imaginations.                                                           Includes special features such as an adjustable switch and an on/off button that adds to the product’s realism.                                               
  • Eye-catching prints and graphics.

Package size: L: 7.9, W: 4.7, H: 10.2 inch

Pieces: 1 Coffee maker, 1 Coffee cup, 1 Milk, 1 Sugar bowl, 1 Spoon, 1 Coffee Pod

Manufactured in: Germany