Penguin Musical Wobbler


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With the Penguin Musical Wobbler, children can experience sound and delight in the penguin’s soothing tinkling sounds and funny waddle.

Recommended age: 6m+

🌟 Encourages children to create music and experience melody in different ways.

🌟 Emits a soothing tinkling sound when pushed, waddling cutely until it settles once again in its resting position.

🌟 Penguin Musical Wobbler is a lightly colored,  penguin-shaped musical toy.

🌟 Compact size that is perfect for travel and play on-the-go

 Package: L: 6.1, W: 3.7, H: 7.1 inch

 Pieces: Set includes three cute and colorful rattles, including a whale, a turtle and an octopus.                     

 Manufactured in: Germany

 Made of: Wood, Water based paint,