Railway Bucket-Builder Set


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This great train set lets  you build your own town! Unpack everything from the storage box then use the lid to create a cool little town for your passengers and cargo to move through!

Recommended age: 3y+

🌟 Great for stimulating role-play and communication

🌟 Helps develop hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness

How to play: Follow the instructions or build your own town from your imagination. You can even add this to other similar train sets to make them bigger!


  • 50 piece train set with handy storage box which becomes part of the scenery
  • The box itself becomes a green hill and the lid becomes a rocky mountain!
  • Compatible with other similar railway sets
  • Easy to put away and saves storage space

Product size: L: 19.7, W: 31.5, H: 5.5 inch

Package size: L: 12.6, W: 8.5, H: 9.3 inch

Pieces: Includes 1 free-wheeling locomotive, 2 carriages, 2 S-rails, 12 curved rails, 3 straight rails, 2 irregular rails, 1 mountain-shaped rail, 4 plastic supports, 1 ascent rail,  2 pine trees, 1 leafy tree, 1 simple crane, 1 brown bridge, 1 train sign, 1 traffic sign, 4 small tools, 1 repair station, 1 storage box with cover and wooden decoration blocks

Manufactured in: Germany