Solar System Puzzle


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The sun brings light to all the planets around it. Learn more about our solar system with this out-of-this-world puzzle featuring solid-wood planet pieces, a glowing LED sun, and a poster with all the planet names.

Recommended age: 5y+

🌟 Great for developing reasoning and fine motor skills and teaching children about the universe

How to play:

  1. Start by completing the 100-piece puzzle of the solar system.
  2. Place the planet pieces in their right places. Switch on the glowing LED sun and put it at the center of the solar system.
  3. Learn about the solar system with the double-sided poster.


  • Solar system puzzle with sun and spinning planets
  • The planets including Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune can be positioned on top of the puzzle
  • The sun can be positioned at the center of the puzzle and features an LED light
  • Poster provides extra facts about the solar system and the different planets

Product size: L: 22.6, W: -, H: 22.6 inch

Package size: L: 14.2, W: 2, H: 14.2 inch

Pieces: Includes 100 cardboard pieces, 8 wooden planets, 1 LED glowing sun, and a double-sided  poster (Φ=22.4 inch) with solar system facts

Manufactured in: Germany